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Les Samedies (Femmes et Logiciels Libres) rassemble un groupe de femmes très différentes qui ont en commun le désir d’être maîtresses (ou du moins avoir la possibilité de l’être) des outils et donc des normes qui définissent notre travail avec la machine.

Python week, day 1

This morning: Review of lists, dictionaries, arrays, functions, loops.
Afternoon: Remembering how to speak to the Scribus-API (results possibly less abstract tomorrow). For now:

instructions = ['Don't read', {'Take': ['paper', 'rods', 'blocks']}, ['set them out', 'color', 'build']]


Don’t read

Exercise for next week:

"From the phrase Don't read, a line extends horizontally and then angles diagonally downward to the word Take, from which extend three short lines that connect the words paper, rods, blocks to the rest of the phrase. To the right of this cluster is the phrase, set them out, color, build"

[Description of About Two Squares (instruction page), El Lissitzky’s revolutionary children’s book. In: Margolin, Victor. The Struggle for Utopia: Rodchenko, Lissitzky, Moholy Nagy, The University of Chicago Press, 1997]


Think Python: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist
by Allen B. Downey


[The Open Source DTP application Scribus can be automated via a scripting API using Python. Booklet: The F*cking Manual, by OSP]