Experiments with the order of the alphabet


Playlist for Blijven Kijken, 2013

This ACB is an extendable playlist, looping through audio-recordings made between 2007 and 2013. I asked free software activists, teachers, engineers, typographers and programmers about the technological systems they were engaged in. They speak about the messy work of making standards, and the fact that these are never finished. How the alfabet has a very different order depending on where you type from, and the pains and pleasures of acquiring embodied knowledge. Their voices are a reminder of the constant negotiation work involved in defining and keeping an order.

Recordings were made in the context of activities organised by De Geuzen, Constant and OSP.

The Alphabet

Presentation at the Piet Zwart Networked Media, 2013

A second ACB was presented as the first entry in the Encyclopedia of media objects. This on-line collection will be compiled by students and staff of the Piet Zwart Institute's Networked Media department.


Text for enSuite (Pieter Van Bogaert), 2010

This first iteration (in Dutch) was written as a footnote to a conversation with Pieter Van Bogaert, Alles wat je altijd al wou weten over koken en software, maar nooit durfde te vragen. It doubled as a contribution to the first presentation of his project enSuite in Recyclart, Brussels.

Thank you: Ludi Loiseau, Harrisson, Pierre Huyghebaert, Pierre Marchand, Ivan Monroy Lopez, St├ępanie Vilayphiou, Peter Westenberg
Copyleft Femke Snelting, 2013. These works can be copied, distributed and changed under the conditions of the Free Art License.